Arrange your visit to suit your own particular needs. We know visitors like to wander round the castle and gardens at their own pace and perhaps enjoy the activities we offer on the spur of the moment. We offer a range of options to suit everyone.

Self-guided tour:

Feel free to wander with the help of a complimentary brochure and an audio guide available from the castle reception desk. They allows visitors to identify every aspect of the castle’s architecture, the history of the Caumonts, and learn more about Josephine Baker’s life.
For an interesting tour that gives you total freedom!
In 2014 we introduced our comprehensive audio guide system (Garden-Architecture-History-Chapel-Josephine Baker) that allows visitors to learn the history of the castle at their own pace.
Also in 2014, we established another service giving visitors, prior to their visit, an overview of the castle history dating back to the 15th century. We have found this short introduction (7-8mins), encourages visitors thereafter to dive into our brochure as they continue their tour and learn more about the castle’s fascinating history!
These introductions run mainly from May to September. Please consult the schedule on the first page (Agenda), as we often add introductions at other times of the year depending on the number of visitors.



Disabled Access:

We do everything we can to help our disabled visitors enjoy our facilities. In all cases, and for your comfort, it is important to ask for advice at the castle reception desk or in the gift shop.

A full tour of the castle includes three floors and it is not possible to avoid stairs. Currently, only the ground floor is wheelchair-accessible (castle dining room, kitchen, billiard room, projection room and gift shop) as well as the birds-of-prey demonstration. However, the site is open to anyone wishing to visit although; it is preferable to be accompanied as the ground surface can be uneven in certain areas.

For our visually impaired visitors with their guide dogs, we provide free audio guides in Braille for the duration of your visit. Please be aware that guide dogs are prohibited at the birds of prey demonstrations due to incompatibility with the birds.

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