November 2018, work on the outer facade of the chapel begins.

December 2019: Completion of the exterior work!

2021 will be the year when the interior restoration gets underway.


Project manager: Julia Riché (Heritage Architect).

Exterior Facade:

Total estimate: approximately 330,000 euros excluding VAT

Estimated duration of work is 6 to 8 months

Interior work:

Total estimates: approximately 570,000 excluding VAT.

Wall Murals: 100,000 euros excluding VAT based on 8 months restoration work.

Masonry: 450,000 euros excluding VAT (duration 10 to 12 months).

Joinery: 20,000 euros excluding VAT.

We have not received estimates to date for the installation of stained-glass. Three of the large chapel windows as well as the rose window (installed in 2019!) are awaiting this work to be completed.

The Mininstry of Culture is following our restoration work with great interest:

Adeline Rabaté

Curator of Historical Monuments

Muriel Mauriac

Curator of Historical Monuments

Dominique Peyre

Curator of Historical Monuments

Xavier Arnold

Architect, Buildings of France

Hervé Gaillard

Engineer at the Regional Archaeological Service

Building permit filed spring 2018 for exterior work.

Building permit pending in Autumn 2020 for the interior work.



What an adventure!

With the current health crisis, work is delayed, but we are not losing hope and wish to resume restoration work as soon as possible with the company “Les Compagnons Réunis”.

September 2020: Our conservator, Mélissa Donadéo, works on consolidating the chapel murals.

Filing the building permit will allow us to continue our work in several stages: the arches and ridges to the west and north side of the chapel; the chapel floors; and the upper gallery.



We hope that the castle chapel reclaims its 16 century glory.

The chapel will open to the public at the beginning of May 2023. However, if the restorations and fittings end earlier, we can plan an early opening.

Our visitors will be able to appreciate five years of restoration work, a remarkable testimony to a Roman Catholic seigneurial chapel. The first owners, François de Caumont and Claude de Cardaillac were buried there in 1514; Josephine Baker and Jo Bouillon were married there 450 years later!