The Ministry of Culture awarded the gardens with the status "Remarkable Gardens" following the rebirth of Jules Vacherot's French Garden.

In 2001, when the owners (de Labarre family) purchased the castle, the garden was a sleeping beauty. It was going to be an immense project to restore it to its former glory. The owners wished to completely restore the castle and its immediate surroundings. Several landscapers and several years later in 2015, they fell in love with a large-scale project directed by a Françoise Phiquepal (Landscape Architect and Horticultural Engineer), specialist in the field of historic gardens. The result mingles great charm whilst still respecting the original design (1908) of Jules Vacherot (famous architect of the early 20th century), bringing a striking touch of modernity to the original plan.

Two seasons later, in spring 2018, the garden flourishes and the Ministry of Culture rewarded the owners determination to restore Jules Vacherot’s design by awarding the estate with the prestigious status “Remarkable Gardens”. An award that shows the dedication and commitement of an entire team following the rebirth of the French Gardens in 2016!



After creating the literary award “Writers House”, the Ministry of Culture went on to create another award named “Illustrious House”

In total, 111 houses were awarded this status. Château & Jardins des Milandes was presented with this plaque in 2012.

Each house preserves and transmits the memory of people who have lived there and distinguished themselves in the political, social and cultural history of France.

 Illustrious House - Awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communications.
Illustrious House - Awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communications.


Château & Jardins des Milandes was listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments in 1986 for its facades, roofs, the upper terrace with its north view over the Dordogne valley, and to the west, its large Gothic-style belvedere decorated with an openwork stone balustrade.

It was in 2009 that the Ministry of Culture listed Château des Milandes as a Historic Monument in its entirety.

The recognition of this structure as a whole and that of the Jules Vacherot park is indeed a great accomplishment. It is also an important moral and technical aid for our monument. The financial assistance offered when our grant application is filled out can range from 10% to 15% therefore, this is submitted well in advance of the restoration project.

Prior to this, between 2001 and 2010, we did not receive any grants for the work carried out. These works were predominantly urgent repairs that needed immediate attention.

With thanks to the DRAC (Regional Department of Cultural Affairs) Aquitaine!

 Historic Monument
Historic Monument