The castle was built in 1489 by Francois de Caumont, Lord of Castelnaud, under the initiative of his wife Claude de Cardaillac. The name « Milandes » indicates that in the Middle Age it was a forest area located between the strongholds of Castelnaud and Berbiguières which was owned by the family Caumont.

In 1900, it became the property of Charles Claverie, a rich industrialist who carried out extensive alterations to the castle. Mr Claverie’s widow rented Milandes to a certain Doctor Malès in 1932.

The castle was totally restored and its new proportions gave it a more charming look (two towers were added as well as an additional main building).

Like many young women, Josephine dreamed of having a Sleeping Beauty castle. It was in 1937 during her first visit to Perigord with a friend that she saw and fell in love with Milandes castle. Josephine rented the property from 1937 and subsequently bought the castle in 1947 after gathering the necessary funds to make her little girl’s dream come true.